Copan Nasopharyngeal FLOQSwabs® (100-pack)


100 Swabs. Single Flexible Minitip® Size Nylon Flocked Swab with 100mm Breakpoint in Peel Pouch – Individually Packaged, Sterile

100/Pack; 1,000/Case

Instructions For Use

Safety Data Sheet


Why are flocked swabs better than traditional fiber swabs?

  • Clinicians report better patient comfort due to ergonomic, anatomic swab design and softer texture.
  • Studies show that samples collected using FLOQSwabs® improve test sensitivity because they elute more than 90% of the specimen.
  • Strong capillary hydraulics between the strands of Nylon® expedites maximum liquid sample uptake and release.
  • Soft brush-like texture of the swabs facilitates efficient dislodging of the target cells.
  • Compatible with multiple applications and platforms including bacteriology and virology culture, rapid antigen testing, molecular-based assays, direct fluorescent antibody (DFA) tests, enzyme immune assay testing (EIA) and cytology testing.