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Biologics / Wound Care

Browse one of the widest ranges of advanced skin care and wound care products in the industry. Discover wound care solutions for all phases of acute, critical and chronic wounds, including venous leg ulcers, diabetic foot ulcers and pressure ulcers, burns and post-operative wounds.

  1. Effective and Economical Products: We make innovative wound care technologies accessible and affordable across the care continuum. Browse hydrocolloids, collagen, foam, alginate, gel/hydrogel, honey, compression, and film dressings, as well as skin prep, skin protectants, film, skin substitutes, biologically-derived products and more.
  2. Continuous Support: We specialize in world-class educational and training resources, from award-winning educational packaging and an extensive online training repository through Medline University, to the Educare hotline (1-888-701-SKIN), staffed by certified wound care clinicians who can address complex and difficult-to-heal wounds.


AmnioBind™ contains growth factors cytokines, glycoconjugates, glycosaminoglycans and a comprehensive collagen matrix. These naturally occurring factors in the placental membrane are preserved to provide AmnioBind™ the necessary elements required to function as a biological covering.