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Global Supply Exchange

Medical/Nursing Supplies and Patient Care

Streamline your central supply inventory across any setting throughout the continuum of care.

  1. Bedside Essentials: We offer all the patient care essentials, from hair care and nail care to deodorants and washbasins. Heighten patient experience with personal grooming items including facial razors, shaving cream and bar soaps, as well as emesis bags.
  2. Nursing Supplies: Browse alcohol prep pads, tongue depressors and applicators, great for bundling.
  3. Bags: Also find bags for the bedside, belongings and post-mortem.

Hand solutions to outfit your entire O.R.

  1. Browse products for all phases of perioperative care, from surgical gowns and gloves, to capital equipment. And as the world’s largest manufacturer of surgical procedure kits, you’ll always find exactly what you need—in the right quantity, at the right value.
  2. Infection Prevention Supplies: Find drapes, gowns, surgeon face masks, disinfectants and more. Browse environmentally friendly, cost-effective products for surgical fluid collection, infectious waste, hazardous fluids disposal and stockinettes.

Needles / Syringes verbiage

  1. We offer an environment-friendly, high-quality range of needles and syringes can be used to administer medication for various treatments safely. From standard hypodermic syringes to butterfly needles, we offer total coverage for all types of procedures and treatments.
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Global Supply Exchange distributes to several segments within the healthcare industry.


Urgent Care facilities

Independent & compounding pharmacies

Physician owned & diagnostic laboratories

Physician & Dental offices