LUCIRA by Pfizer COVID-19 & Flu Home Test, LUC 2000


LUCIRA® by Pfizer COVID-19 & Flu Home Test is the only over-the-counter product that puts 2-in-1 lab testing for both COVID-19 and Flu A/B in the palm of your hand. With LUCIRA® by Pfizer, you and your family can determine if your viral respiratory symptoms are caused by COVID-19 and/or the flu. After testing, always contact your healthcare provider about care or treatment.

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If you’ve been unwell, traveling, or exposed to individuals with Covid, you need to get checked. However, you don’t need to step outside your home when you have the Lucira Covid Test, which is over the counter. Whether you’re getting yourself or your family tested, it is a convenient option that requires no hassles.

This self-assessing kit can give you results within thirty minutes without you needing to leave the house. Positive Tests can be determined in as little as 11 minutes with the Lucira Pfizer Test.

Highlighted Features:

  • FDA EUA Authorization: This test stands out as the premier and singular FDA EUA-certified single-use molecular home test.
  • How Accurate is the Lucira Pfizer Covid & Flu Test? High Accuracy: Demonstrating 98% accuracy, its performance parallels top-tier lab PCR tests.
  • Speedy Results: Quickly test for COVID-19 and Flu A/B in the comfort of your home and get results in 30 minutes.
  • First 2-in-1 SINGLE-USE Home Test for COVID-19 and FLU A/B: Brings the power of lab testing technology to your home
  • User Efficiency: Remarkably, every user aged 14 and above conducted the test without a hitch.
  • Versatile Detection: It proficiently identifies a range of COVID-19 strains and Flu A&B

Indication & Recommendations:

LUCIRA by Pfizer presents an innovative COVID-19 & Flu Home Test, the premier over-the-counter solution offering convenient 2-in-1 lab testing for both COVID-19 and Flu A/B, all from the comfort of your home. This cutting-edge product empowers you and your family to swiftly identify the cause of viral respiratory symptoms, whether it’s COVID-19, the flu, or both. With LUCIRA by Pfizer, take control of your health and make informed decisions. Following testing, it is crucial to promptly reach out to your healthcare provider for personalized care and treatment advice

  • Accuracy Resembling PCR: Our kit employs a molecular amplification technique to spot SARS-CoV-2 RNA, akin to PCR tests.
  • Positive Results: A positive outcome points to the presence of SARS-CoV-2. In such cases, isolation is advised, and further consultation with healthcare professionals is crucial. Note that this doesn’t exclude the possibility of bacterial infections or other viral co-infections.
  • Negative Results: A negative result isn’t a definitive exclusion of a SARS-CoV-2 infection. If COVID-like symptoms persist after a negative result, consult with healthcare professionals. Such results are provisional and might need further validation through laboratory-based molecular assays for accurate patient management

All-In-One Test Kit for Multiple Variants,

The test comes equipped with everything you require, including a test unit, sample vial, nasal swab, AA batteries, and comprehensive information. This test is ideal for individuals aged 14+ and children aged between 2 to 13 years. It is similar to a PCR test.

No Need for Medical Professionals

Going to a hospital or medical center can mean exposure to infections and diseases. Getting an all-in-one test kit that you can take at home is ideal to avoid the hassle.

The test utilizes molecular amplification technology that ensures you get accurate results. Reading through the instructions provided or watching the video tutorial can also guide you on how to take the test yourself without anyone’s assistance.

Speedy Results

A regular test that you take at a hospital or center can take a while to deliver results. When you plan to go to an event or have plans with other people, you want results that can be delivered promptly. The Lucira Pfizer COVID & Flu test is optimal when you want speedy results so you can spend the rest of your day in peace.

The test takes around five minutes to take, and you only have to wait thirty minutes for the results to arrive at you electronically. When you close the snap cap after mixing the swab, the ready light will start blinking. It will indicate that the test is running. The done light will be displayed in around thirty minutes.

Easy Usage

Many Covid tests are a bit complicated to take, but the Lucira Pfizer COVID & Flu test simplifies the process for you. If you’ve taken a Covid test before, you are likely already familiar with the process of getting a swab taken. For better instructions, you can also refer to the manual given.

Once you have taken the swab and mixed it in the sample vial, all you have to do is wait for the test results to arrive. You don’t have to manually inform public health agencies either, as it will automatically relay the test results to them too.

Easy Disposal

Once you are done taking the test, you have to ensure that you’re disposing of it safely. The Lucira Pfizer COVID & FLu test comes with a disposable plastic bag that ensures you don’t contaminate anything else when throwing it away.

When looking for a holistic solution for your Covid testing, there’s no better choice than this OTC Covid test kit.

The Lucira Pfizer COVID-19 & Flu Test Kit is a single-use test kit intended to detect the novel coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 that causes COVID-19 and Flu A&B. This test is authorized for over-the-counter (OTC) use with self-collected nasal swab samples in individuals with or without COVID-19 symptoms aged 14 and older, and in children aged 2-13 collected by an adult. This test is similar to a PCR test in that it utilizes a molecular amplification technology for the detection of SARS-CoV-2 RNA.

The test kit includes all the necessary components for conducting a singular LUCIRA by Pfizer COVID-19 & Flu Home Test:

  • Comprehensive instructions
  • 2 AA batteries
  • 1 test unit
  • 1 sample vial
  • 1 sterile nasal swab
  • 1 disposal bag

To ensure accurate results, it is crucial to review the instructions and adhere to each step diligently and thoroughly.

Lucira by Pfizer COVID & FLU Home Tests are intended for use at home, without the need for a medical professional. Any adult can use these tests to gather samples and test for COVID & Flu at home.

Instructions: Using Lucira Pfizer Covid & Flu Test Kit

Using the test is simple, and each kit comes with everything you need to complete the process.

– Ensure a designated location with a 30-minute timeframe for uninterrupted testing.

– Begin by accessing Pouch 1, housing the testing device. Insert the provided batteries (2 AA) to activate the Ready light.

– Move on to Pouch 2, unveiling the sample vial. Remove the seal and gently position the vial into the test unit, avoiding unnecessary pressure.

  1. Swab: To ensure accurate results, swab both nostrils. Adults should handle swabbing for children aged 2 to 13 years. Hold the swab handle without placing it down. Tilt your head back and insert the swab tip fully into the nostril until resistance is felt. Rotate the swab five times around the nostril walls, repeating the process for the other nostril.
  2. Stir: Insert the swab into the sample vial, touching the bottom, and stir it around 15 times. Discard the swab after stirring.
  3. Detect: Seal the sample vial and press it down into the tester until a click is heard. The Ready light blinking signals the test is in progress. While a positive result may appear during the test, wait for the full 30 minutes to conclude before checking the results.


  1. Can I administer the LUCIRA® by Pfizer COVID-19 & Flu Home Test without medical training?
    Yes, no specialized medical training is needed to conduct the LUCIRA by Pfizer COVID-19 & Flu Home Test. All instructions are included in the package, providing you with the necessary guidance to run the test. It is crucial to carefully follow each step outlined in the instructions for accurate results.
  2. Is LUCIRA® by Pfizer comparable to a polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test?
    Both the LUCIRA by Pfizer COVID-19 & Flu Home Test and lab-based PCR tests fall under molecular tests. These tests identify genetic material (RNA) from a target virus, but they utilize different methodologies. LUCIRA® by Pfizer employs RT-LAMP technology (reverse transcription loop-mediated isothermal amplification) for efficient detection.
  3. How many times can I utilize the LUCIRA® by Pfizer test?
    The LUCIRA by Pfizer COVID-19 & Flu Home Test is designed for single-use only.
  4. What is the shelf life of the LUCIRA by Pfizer Home Test?
    The shelf life of the LUCIRA by Pfizer COVID-19 & Flu Home Test is 18 months. Please check the expiration date located on the back of the box before using the individual test.
  5. Should I consult my healthcare provider regarding my test results?
    Absolutely. Always consult your healthcare provider after performing an at-home test. They can provide valuable insights into the interpretation of your results. If you do not have a primary care doctor, consider seeking one for follow-up discussions.
  6. What if an error occurs during the testing process?
    In case of any deviations from the outlined instructions, there’s a risk of obtaining incorrect or invalid test results. If you suspect a mistake, conduct another test using a new kit, carefully following the provided instructions. If any results appear invalid, retest with a new kit or contact Pfizer at 1-888-LUCIRA-4 (582-4724) for assistance.

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